Summer/fall Petition campaign for S 1804

June 18, 2018

Healthcare Now of Md. has partnered with GBDSA (Greater Baltimore Democratic Socialists of America) to petition Maryland’s U.S> senators to “sign on” and endorse S 1804, the Single-Payer bill in the U. S. Senate. The bill establishes national Medicare for All–comprehensive care to include reproductive, mental health, dental and vision care for every U.S. resident, entirely public funded. Hundreds of signatures have already been collected. To secure and circulate a copy of the petition, email

Gala MLK Day March in Baltimore

January 16, 2018

Sixteen brave souls got out in the frigid temperatures and paraded with the Healthcare as a Human Right Maryland contingent at the annual MLK Day parade on January 15th in Baltimore. (OK, not everyone managed the whole route. But what a display! Yellow Healthcare is a Human Right tee shirts over layers of jackets and scarfs. Mighty signs and banners. (Thanks to Annapolis folks who crafted the largest.) Chants for “Improved Medicare for All” and “Single-payer Now”. And exceptionally friendly crowds and bystanders. The word got out. “Improved Medicare for All” Cheers!

Contact your Congressman/Senator!

October 27, 2017

A Single-Payer Bill has now been introduced in the US Senate–S.B. 1804 (the “Sanders” Bill). But Senators Cardin and Van Hollen have not (yet!) signed on to it. Contact them to do so! Thank Reps. Brown, Cummings, Raskin, and Sarbanes for co-sponsoring HR 676. And urge Delaney, Hoyer, and Ruppersberger to join them. And complain to Harris about his failure to do so!

Listen Up, Senator Cardin!

June 28, 2017

A brand new study in the Annals of Internal Medicine prompted a vigil outside of Senator Ben Cardin’s Baltimore office on Tues., June 27th. The study documented the number of deaths due to lack of health insurance of Americans age 18-64. It numbered in the thousands and predicted that thousands more would die if the proposed Republican Senate bill were to pass. About 20 friends of Improved Medicare for All, clad mostly in black, gathered to honor and remember those who had died and held signs and distributed fliers. A letter was delivered to Sen. Cardin as the issue–preventable deaths due to lack of insurance–will certainly gain steam later in the summer

Want to Share your Healthcare Story?

May 19, 2017

Want to share your healthcare story? Outrageous deductibles and co-pays? Cancellation? Bureaucracy and red-tape? Denial of treatment? Tell your story and have it posted to the new Healthcare as a Human Right blog. Email for more info.

Ruppersberger Campaign

May 3, 2017

Four Maryland Congressmen (Brown, Cummings, Raskin, and Sarbanes) have signed on as co-sponsors of HR 676 (House of Representatives single-payer bill). But NOT 2nd Cong. District Rep. Dutch Ruppersberger. Is he your Congressman? Would you be part of a small delegation from Healthcare-Now Md. to visit him and speak up for HR 676? If so, email and we will be in touch. Also, phone him at 202.225.3061. Or email him. (Go to Let’s turn 4 Md. Congressmen into 5!

Gala March for Single-Payer in Baltimore

January 20, 2017

Chanting, “What Do We Want? Single-Payer” and “Healthcare is a Human Right, Join us, Join us in our Fight”, more than thirty people marched in the Healthcare is a Human Right-Maryland contingent in Baltimore’s Martin Luther King, Jr. parade on January 16th. Quoting Dr. King, the group’s lead banner read, “Of all the forms on inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane.” Participants from Baltimore City and Baltimore, Montgomery, Carroll, and Howard counties (and two people from Pennsylvania!) wore yellow and black Healthcare is a Human Right t-shirts. They carried an array of banners and signs advocating for single-payer, urging improved and expanded Medicare for all and opposing for-profit health care. The large crowd watching the parade responded enthusiastically to our message for universal healthcare. People cheered, repeated our slogans, and waved to us. As we passed the reviewing stand, the announcer urged the on-lookers to give us another big hand since, he said, the incoming president had vowed to repeal existing healthcare protections. Thanks to all who organized and attended this event.

New Single-Payer movie Available

December 1, 2016

Healthcare-Now Maryland has copies of the new 2016 documentary, “Now is the Time: Healthcare for Everybody.” 71 minutes, done by Laurie Simons and Terry Sterrenberg, makers of “The Healthcare Movie.” To borrow or schedule a showing among friends, email And to borrow copies of older single=payer movies (“The Healthcare Movie” and “Fix-It: Healthcare at the Tipping Point” also email

Thom Hartmann The Big Picture: Single-payer 101

January 16, 2016

Robert Zarr, M.D. (President of PNHP), Eric Naumburg, M.D. (Co-Chair PNHP – Maryland)  and Vijay Das with Public Citizen discuss the advantages of a single payer healthcare system.  This show was in part a response to the debate between Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton over the value of single-payer; and also in part  because of the recent mischaracterization of Senator Sanders healthcare plan by Chelsea Clinton.  The show runs about 30 minutes and is in two parts, click on the links below.


Part 1

Part 2

Medicare Birthday Party held July 30th

August 17, 2015

About 30 activists served cake to passers-by and waved to rush hour commuters on 33rd and St. Paul Streets, Thursday evening, July 30th, 2015, the anniversary of the establishment Medicare. The purpose of the celebration was not only to celebrate the popular health insurance program for older Americans that was signed into law July 30, 1965, but to call for an expanded and improved Medicare program for everyone.

The event was part of a national day of action to highlight the continuing need for a comprehensive, universal health insurance program in the US. At lease 87 actions were held across 69 cities in 24 states that mobilized thousands of people.

In Baltimore, the response was enthusiastic and positive. Commuters passing through the busy intersection honked and waved. People walking by stopped to talk, accept an informational handout, and have a piece of cake.

The Baltimore event was sponsored by Health Care NOW! of Maryland; United Workers; and Physicians for a National Health Program, Maryland Chapter. These three organizations are partners in Maryland’s ongoing, “Health Care is a Human Right” campaign, which advocates for establishing a universal, single-payer health care financing system in the US.

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