Gala MLK Day March in Baltimore

January 16, 2018

Sixteen brave souls got out in the frigid temperatures and paraded with the Healthcare as a Human Right Maryland contingent at the annual MLK Day parade on January 15th in Baltimore. (OK, not everyone managed the whole route. But what a display! Yellow Healthcare is a Human Right tee shirts over layers of jackets and scarfs. Mighty signs and banners. (Thanks to Annapolis folks who crafted the largest.) Chants for “Improved Medicare for All” and “Single-payer Now”. And exceptionally friendly crowds and bystanders. The word got out. “Improved Medicare for All” Cheers!

Howard County Chapter Meeting 1/16/18 Rescheduled

January 10, 2018

Healthcare is a Human Right Maryland Howard County Chapter Meeting:

When:  Tuesday January 16th
Time:  7:00 – 8:30 PM
Where:  6163 Devon Drive, Columbia, MD 21044
RSVP appreciated
Agenda:  Special Guest: Brittany Shanahan, our organizer.
Brittany does not usually come to our meetings.  So why this meeting?   We have an important leadership council meeting at the end of January where we will plan our strategy for 2018.   We are using Movement Action Plan (MAP) theory to guide us through the process.  We will be reviewing the stages of social movements and examining our decision making process in light of this.
We need your feedback!  What do we want to be the balance of power between the chapters and the leadership council?  What structure should we use for decision making?  There are important questions about future strategy and tactics.  We hope that renewing our decision making process will enable us to grow stronger as a movement.