New Chapter Meetings Begun in Montgomery County

January 17, 2012

Montgomery County Healthcare-NOW, led by several PNHP members, met April 10 at Dr. Deborah Schumann’s home.  Our volunteer membership brings together a broad range of experience in primary and specialty care, health care policy, employee benefits management, and community health care organizing and delivery.   Our immediate plans include organizing for local participation in the Health Care is a Human Right campaign.  For this, we need both medical and non-medical people who want to help us achieve equal access to affordable quality health care for all.

Check us out.  For contact info go to

Groups meeting in Carroll, Frederick and Calvert County

January 12, 2012

The Maryland Healthcare is a Human Right! now has groups meeting in 7 localities and counting.  Recently, groups in Carroll, Frederick and Calvert County have formed, in addition to Baltimore City, Howard, Montgomery and Anne Arundel County.  The campaign is opening a new website (apologies for long URL), in order to centralize information and create new branding for the campaign.  The campaign colors are red, yellow, black and white, i.e. Maryland’s state colors.

Currently, the emphasis of many advocates is on building up and expanding the campaign.  We need a much larger base of  support; so that when we start emphasizing the legislature they will notice and listen.  With energy and time having its limits, there will be a decreased emphasis on legislation this session.  There is no plan to re-introduce the Maryland Health Security Act this year.  This will disappoint some.  However, for those wanting to keep the single-payer fires burning in Annapolis, there will be the opportunities to testify on the exchange legislation.  We know single-payer is superior in every way to the current and newly forming health insurance system.  Meanwhile don’t hesitate to communicate with your state senators and delegates about single-payer and the Friedman study “Financing the Maryland Health Security Act”, available on this website.  There is also a link to the Maryland Health Security Act from 2011 which is identical to the 2012 version if want to refer to it.

–Eric Naumburg, M.D., M.P.H.  12/12/12