Health Justice March Gets Media Coverage

November 24, 2013

On a beautiful, crisp fall day folks from all around Maryland came to Baltimore and marched from Patterson Park to Canton, across from the First Mariner building where Carefirst, the largest private insurer in Maryland and symbol of what’s wrong with healthcare has offices.  The march called attention to the serious problems Marylander’s have in getting and paying for healthcare; there are over 750,000 without insurance and medical illness remains the number one cause of personal bankruptcy.  Many delay seeking care because of cost.  We are asking Maryland to treat healthcare as a human right  and make it a public good like our roads, the police and firefighters and not commoditify it as a source of profit for investors and CEO’s.

Lead by a marching band, the “Christian Warriors”, the march brought many people out of their houses.  Flyers explaining the purpose of the march were passed out and many told us they supported a publicly financed universal healthcare system, everybody in and nobody out.  The event included street theater where the dragon of death, signifying the fate of the uninsured was routed by the strength of people coming together and demanding their rights.

The march was covered by the Baltimore Sun, Channel 11, The Real News and several local newspapers.

At the event, we announced the formation of a statewide leadership council which will help direct our campaign.

Link to coverage of the Health Justice March: