Take Action

Please participate in the worthwhile work of Healthcare-Now of Maryland, working for single payer, universal coverage in Maryland. Healthcare-Now of Maryland members volunteer to lobby in the state legislature and Congress, staff information tables at events, collect petition signatures, assist with mailings and phone calls, organize and attend rallies and educational events, fund raise and more.

Single Payer is without a doubt the best health care plan, but we are not there yet, and we need everyone’s help to make it a reality. Many people don’t know how to get started so the following opportunities are available making it easier for you to get involved. You can participate at whatever level you feel comfortable and know that anything you are able to do can make a difference.

Please email info@mdsinglepayer.org, or download this form (.pdf) and mail it to us, if you would like to:

Be a General Volunteer
As needed, according to my own schedule

Gather Health Care Horror Stories
Tell your own story. When you hear of or ask for other’s stories, gather them and ask permission to use them. These stories make powerful evidence needed to gain support.

Work With Our Organizer
We have an organizer and she needs our help in carrying out our mission.

Leaflet, circulate petitions, demonstrate, walk a picket line

Fund Raise
An important aspect of our success is the ability to raise money to support the effort. You can do this by calling our members and supporters (friendly phone calls) to ask them to contribute.

Work With The Legislature
This effort must ultimately be passed by Congresspeople at the Deral level and state legislators at the State Legislature to become law, and that means calling, going to Annapolis for meetings and asking others to call their friends who support single payer to make calls.

Reach Out With Facebook
We have a Facebook page and you can reach out to others with it and provide content to it.

Work With Or Organize a Local Chapter
Find a local chapter on our website in your area and get involved and we need chapters all across the state. Help is available to anyone who wants to start one.

Be A Member Of The Phone Network
One of Vermont’s most important tactics in winning what they have been able to achieve in healthcare reform was their phone tree. This will become most important as our organization grows.