Want to Share your Healthcare Story?

May 19, 2017

Want to share your healthcare story? Outrageous deductibles and co-pays? Cancellation? Bureaucracy and red-tape? Denial of treatment? Tell your story and have it posted to the new Healthcare as a Human Right blog. Email info@mdsinglepayer.org for more info.


One Response to “Want to Share your Healthcare Story?”

  1. Rob Sauer on June 6th, 2017 2:24 pm

    I am a type 1 diabetic, with poor control according to my endocrinologists that I’ve had over the years and the multiple paramedics called to my home over the last 10 years that I’ve had this disease. I’ve been in the 800 range when I first was diagnosed and again when I fell sick from the flu. That time I had to be hospitalized and kept for 2 weeks. Just this last year I got into a terrible accident that totaled my car but was caused because my company that I was working for dropped the ball on my coverage and I was without insurance for 2 months. A ride to the ER was nearly $700. The exam which was a quick look over another $300 for not much in the way of help.
    I’ve had to pay more than $200 for the insulin I need to survive, nearly $700 for the endo visits, along with education classes to educate myself. I’ve had to ask for help from my parents to pay for supplies which at some times can be close to $500 and right after I got out of college and having no money for that makes you very depressed. I’ve tried asking the government for help only to be denied over and over again. I’m near suicide with everything else that I have to deal with on top of my health. The only thing that stops me is my fiancée, my family’s love, and all the help I get from both of them. I feel like a parasite somedays. I work a job that I love but hate the companies horrible HR department. They pretty much stopped answering any questions I have about the insurance or any other question I would have.
    I hate getting sick. Most people would be back on their feet in a short time, whereas me. Well when one has a compromised immune system it tends be a bit longer with me.
    On top of the depression, or chronic pains from my life as a manual labor that I’ve done in my life, to the normal illnesses that we all go through. I’m tired of trying to fight for my health and being told that it’s a privilege and not a right as a human being. That I’m looked at as a series of numbers to check off rather than treating these things that pain me so. I only hope I live to see this made into a reality where the healthcare system of this country is something to look on and say “Why did we go so long with that other method?”

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